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Frequently Asked Questions
To help answer the most commonly asked questions, we have included this FAQ:

Why should I use Assist Financial Management? Well, you can take up the claim yourself directly with the adviser or insurance company, or use one of the many other claims management firms out there. Although we can’t guarantee to win your claim, you will be using an experienced and well established claims firm that will be working hard for you to get you the compensation you may be entitled to.


What do I need to do? You complete the claim application and read the terms of business and letter of authority in our claims pack. If you’re happy with everything then sign the letter of authority and send it back to use along with the Application Form.


Do I need to provide any documents? If you have documents then it would be particularly helpful if you can send us copies, for example if you have a loan or credit agreement. If not, don’t worry, because the letter of authority will enable us to get copies of the information from the adviser or insurance company.


What can I claim for? You can claim for the return of any PPI payments plus interest at 8% if your PPI policy was mis-sold. If you have been charged interest on your PPI payments, perhaps because it was included within a credit account, then you could claim the effect of the interest back as well. However, you generally have to take action within 3 years of becoming aware of the problem or within 6 years of the event, whichever is later.


How long will my claim take? The firm that sold the policy are required to resolve complaints generally with 8 weeks of receiving them. We may also have to refer your claim to the Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS). The FOS generally settles a third of cases within 3 months and aims to resolve most cases within 6 to 9 months. We will be doing all we can to get your claim completed as soon as possible.


Can I claim if I am in a debt management plan, an IVA or have been made bankrupt? If you have an IVA or debt management plan you will be able to claim but you should be aware that the compensation will be used to pay your creditors and you will still be liable to pay our fee.

If you have been made bankrupt and have not yet been discharged then any redress is usually paid to the Official Receiver to be paid towards your debts. Our fee is usually paid out of your bankruptcy estate.

If you have been discharged from bankruptcy and the mis-sold PPI was taken out after your bankruptcy then you could be entitled to receive the compensation directly.


How much do I have to pay? You won’t pay us anything unless we’re successful in winning your claim, in which case you will need to pay us 36% of the total redress offered.


How will my redress be paid? Redress can be paid in a variety of ways. However your redress is paid, our fee is based on the total amount of redress that is applied, which includes cash payments and amounts offset against your loan or amounts used to restructure your loan. This is why it is important to tell us about any arrears you have in relation to the credit or loan accounts. The tables below set out some examples in more detail.

Example 1 - Where all of the redress is paid as a “cash” benefit.

Firstly, you may receive a cheque back for the amount of redress or it may be paid directly to your bank account. This is usually the way if your loan has been repaid in full or there’s a refund due when you cancel the PPI policy.

Total Redress
Our Fee 36%
Net amount of redress paid to you as cash

Example 2 - Where some of the redress is paid in cash and some is used to reduce your loan.

If your loan or credit account is still in place with an outstanding balance then the lender may have to “restructure” your account.  This means that the lender has to recalculate what your outstanding balance would have been if you had not been mis-sold the PPI policy. In this case, you will receive some redress as a cash payment and the remainder of the redress is “paid” against your loan.

Total Redress
Of which amount “offset” against your loan balance
Remaining amount paid as cash £700
Our Fee 36% which is based on the total redress of £1,000 £360
Net amount of redress received by you as cash (£700 less our fee of £360) £340

If you have arrears on your credit account or you have been issued with a “default notice” then the lender can use the redress to pay towards your outstanding balance. This may mean that you do not receive any cash benefit  but you will still be required to pay our fee.


What if I’m not happy with the service you provide? We pride ourselves on the high level of customer service that we provide, but if you feel that we haven’t delivered then we want to hear from you – get in touch by telephoning us on 0800 988 4820, emailing us at or write to us at Assist Financial Management Limited, Unit 8 & 9, Millbank House, Riverside Business Park, Wilmslow, Cheshire, SK9 1BJ.

We will acknowledge your complaint within 5 working days and then carry out a full investigation.

If you’re not happy with our response or we haven’t resolved it by 8 weeks then you can refer it to the Claims Management Unit at Claims Management Regulation, Monitoring and Compliance Unit, 57 – 60 High Street, Burton on Trent, Staffordshire, DE14 1JSYou can telephone them on 0845 4506858 or email them at


Can I change my mind? You can change your mind within 14 days of signing the agreement and you won’t have anything to pay. You should tell us you’ve changed your mind by writing to us.


What if I change my mind after the 14 day period?
You can change your mind after the initial cancellation period by giving us 14 days’ written notice. If we’ve already undertaken work on your behalf we may make a charge to cover our reasonable costs in processing your claim to the point of cancellation.


Will I have to go to Court? We will help you with your claim right up to and including the Financial Ombudsman Service. We will not represent you in taking legal action. If you wish to take legal action you will have to arrange this separately and pay the costs yourself.


How can I keep track of my claim? We’ll keep you informed of progress throughout the process and if the adviser or insurance company requests any further information that we need from you then we’ll get in touch. Of course, you can call us at any time to check on the progress of your claim.

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Recent Settlements
We have successfully reclaimed money back for our clients. Here are some examples of recent claims:

Lloyds TSB - £4,778.03
RBS - £3,748.23 - £21,835.27
RBS - £5,837.69 - £10,864.31
Welcome Finance - £4,734.33
Argos Card - £1,882.53
FirstPlus Financial- £8,948.30

Halifax - £13,868.97
Barclaycard - £9,498.50
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To download one of our Pay PPI claim packs, simply click the link below. In addition you MUST complete and sign our Letter of Authority (1 per claim) and include this within your pack when you post it back to us.

Simply, print, sign and post your PPI Claim pack and Letter of Authority. Our dedicated team of claims specialists will begin processing your claim right away.

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